Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

I indeed curse this weeks photo challenge…Unfocused…When it comes to photography I’m slightly perfectionist and I tend to delete pictures that are even slightly out of focus. It can be so frustrating when composition and colours are wonderful, but the object of interest is blurry. Anyways, there is one kind of unfocused pictures that I enjoy thoroughly: Those with a zoom effect. Not exactly the topic of this week…But hey, rules are there to be broken, right? 😉

Btw… Zoom effects are quite easy to do. Let me know if you want a short description.


Sunday Post: Culture

Culture is a big word. Very big in fact. What is culture anyways? Is culture a movie screening? A theater show? Is culture a combination of institutions? Of specific ways of human interactions?

In my personal opinion, culture is all of the above and much more. And this is where street photography comes in.

Street photography is a way of capturing moments on the street, most of it including people. It’s picking up on facets of human life and interaction in its original form. Ideally, (and this is only my opinion), the people who appear on the picture didn’t even notice that someone just took a picture of them. To me this is a great way to capture culture.

My contribution for this week is then also a street photograph I recently took in San Francisco. I like how every layer of the picture wants to go the opposite direction than the layer before. But see for yourself.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Hello again,

So the photo challenge of this week is ‘journey.’ If a day trip can be considered a journey, I just returned from one. We spent the last hours climbing at Mt. Helena in California. And of course, with a prospect for such beautiful nature – how could I leave my camera at home.

One of the shots I took today represents ‘journey’. At least in my eyes. The longing for distance, for the unknown…Somehow, I feel this to be represented in the looks of my two fellow travelers in the picture. But judge yourself!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

Hello again 🙂

Arranged…Somehow these photo challenges are timed very well. When the topic was ‘through’, I just had taken a picture of my friend through the leaves. When the topic was ‘unusual’, I just had taken a picture of a lost shoe. And when the topic was ‘indulge’, some days before I took a picture of the sky I indulged in. And now when the topic is ‘arranged’…Just some days ago I took my first and so far only arranged picture. However, this scene is not arranged by some unknown human hand, but by my very own ones.

I’m currently living in Davis. The house is surrounded by nature, while to the city it’s a bike ride of merely three minutes. And the best part: Around this place there are a bunch of orange and grapefruit trees. Recently, while I was waiting for someone, I collected two of these grapefruits and put them on this orange-colored chair. I don’t know what made me do that. It was most likely a mixture of boredom and curiosity about how this combination of colors would look on a picture. So here my first-ever arranged pictures.

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