It’s time to leave.

Everything in here seems to scream it out loudly…it’s time to leave. It’s time to grab my backpacks and fly away from this city…a city I love. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe I should have left one week earlier. But now, being here, feeling the apathy of winter fading into a revival of spring…I can’t help but feel melancholic.

Melancholy – an excellent description of what it is that I’m going through. There is the excitement to re-engage with the new, while on the other hand I had to notice that the old is not anything I really want to leave behind. It’s sadness and yet a positive energy. All at once. Maybe one of my favorite emotions?

Tomorrow in the early morning my alarm will sound. I will get up, pack the remainders and then leave to the airport. I will step into my plane and 14 hours later step out again. And everything will be different.

Despite all this melancholy – if you would offer me to enter this plane right now, I would not even hesitate.

At this point, I feel like there’s nothing left to say except from this…Goodbye Amsterdam. And especially, goodbye to all of you lovely people who made my last weeks and months here as beautiful as they were. I will miss you. But I’ll see you again soon 🙂

View from my window in the morning


3 thoughts on “It’s time to leave.

    • Hey there, ms. Lena! How good to hear from you!
      It’s going great around here. Just yesterday I moved into my new place. Everyone here in Davis is so friendly. Just a great little town. How about you? How’s Cape Town treatin you?

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