On weatherfrogs, snow in deserts and eggplants

Lil’ update bout Cali n all…

Panorama shot of San Francisco

Two weeks back I arrived safely at San Francisco International Airport, took the wrong train into the city for about three times, finally took the right train, arrived where I was supposed to arrive and then fell asleep. And since, a lot of stuff happened. I also slept a lot. But while I didn’t I was running through a colourful haze of experiences, emotions, evolutions and eggplants. Though I haven’t really eaten any eggplants yet. But I though of doing so a lot.

After some foggy and rainy days in San Francisco, I went down to LA with a couple of people to admire the artificiality in Hollywood and more rain in Venice. Yes, you heard me. Rain. The entire first week. Even in places where ‘it never rains’ according to biased weather frogs and most likely fox news (whom I generally associate with inaccurate information). For all I knew up until that point, California was a place where it ALWAYS rained. But then, finally, I was proved wrong. At wanting to take the bus back to Davis, my mysterious temporary home, people told me that the ride might be cancelled. Because it was snowing. In the Mojave Desert. SNOWING! IN THE DESERT!


But while ranting about the weather I won’t keep from you my dear reader, that I had a wonderful time so far. And at arriving in Davis the rain was compensated by a circular rainbow around the sun. I decided to take that as sign from the universe that an awesome time awaited me. And then I stepped out of the bus in Davis and noticed that this town smelled real good. I decided to also take this as a sign from the universe that an awesome time awaited me. So, for all I knew, an awesome time awaited me.

And indeed. So far, everything was pretty awesome… My couchsurfing host, the entire campus of UC Davis, that tree in the picture, the people I met, the bike I got, the place I found, the eggplants (which I still didn’t eat, but I’m planning to. Really!!!), the avocados (of which I ate a bunch), the burritos (which are roughly arm-sized so I could never even finish one) andΒ  this entire, incredibly relaxed and wonderful Californian lifestyle.

Right now, I’m back in San Francisco but planning to go back to Davis in the evening. Just let me tell you this…California is beautiful! Really, really beautiful. You folks in Amsterdam should come and visit me right now πŸ™‚


Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Hello friends, readers and photo-challengers πŸ™‚

Here my contribution of this weeks photo challenge. Through…

I recently took this picture in San Francisco’s rainy Golden Gate Park – a wonderful landscape with an astonishing diversity of life. I went there with the friend you can see in the picture – in part that is. I saw this beautiful fern and told her to position herself behind it. This is the picture that resulted from this experient…Through the leafs.I like how the red of her jacket plays with the green of nature. And the rain puts a nice shimmer on the whole scene. Please, link me to your own contribution if you wish. I’m also happy about every comment, be it positive or constructively negative. πŸ™‚

Californian Beach

Hi there and thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚

I recently was at the beach in Southern California. Of course I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Two of them I want to share with you. In the first one I applied a photoshop tool which is called cross processing. It adapts the colours and strengthens the contasts. With the second one I edited the colours by hand to get the slighly artifical look. Also I took out the contrasts and darkened the shadows, so the rock in the background looks like one single piece. Doesn’t she almost seem to dance on the Rock?

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Please let me know what you think and feel free to link me to your own work. I always like seeing new things πŸ™‚


Dance on the Rock

It’s time to leave.

Everything in here seems to scream it out loudly…it’s time to leave. It’s time to grab my backpacks and fly away from this city…a city I love. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe I should have left one week earlier. But now, being here, feeling the apathy of winter fading into a revival of spring…I can’t help but feel melancholic.

Melancholy – an excellent description of what it is that I’m going through. There is the excitement to re-engage with the new, while on the other hand I had to notice that the old is not anything I really want to leave behind. It’s sadness and yet a positive energy. All at once. Maybe one of my favorite emotions?

Tomorrow in the early morning my alarm will sound. I will get up, pack the remainders and then leave to the airport. I will step into my plane and 14 hours later step out again. And everything will be different.

Despite all this melancholy – if you would offer me to enter this plane right now, I would not even hesitate.

At this point, I feel like there’s nothing left to say except from this…Goodbye Amsterdam. And especially, goodbye to all of you lovely people who made my last weeks and months here as beautiful as they were. I will miss you. But I’ll see you again soon πŸ™‚

View from my window in the morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


Contrast…probably my favorite topic so far…Of course one can interpret it in a number of ways;Β  it’s a difference between two poles, two opposites. Rich and poor, happy and sad, day and night… At least this is the way I use this word. However, this time I decided to go for the straightforward interpretation, the one that Wikipedia provides:

Contrast is the difference in luminance and/or colour that makes an object distinguishable.

So in a picture with few contrasts, colours flow into each other, objects are not clearly defined. The picture I chose for this week is the opposite. Note, how the building forms a sharp contrast with the sky and the sun is very clearly distinguishable from the rest. Here in Amsterdam, we can rarely see the sun this way. That day I was very happy to have my camera ready.

But without further ado, here my contribution to this weeks photo challenge. Enjoy.

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The Beauty of the Crow

Sometimes I pick up my camera and sit in my window, taking pictures of people passing by, of birds flying by and of clouds floating by. I can do this for quite a while. Most the pictures I take sitting there are repetitive and not too exciting (at least for me) but on rare occasions something very special turns up. This time, it was a crow, that passed very close to my window – which resulted in a number of nice pictures, catching the movement of the crows wings. One shot at a time, you can see how a bird flies. Let me know what you think πŸ™‚