Photography and Music

Photography and Music…I don’t know what I would do without them.

In many of my posts I share pictures I had taken recently. In another few posts I link you to music I found somewhere…Whenever I get the feeling that a song is just to beautiful to keep it to myself… In the future you might even find some of my own stuff. No promises here though.

Below you can find a collection of links to my blog posts on Photography and Music. Enjoy :).

  1. Sharing what’s good – Incredible music by a new band, called ‘the Pauses’.
  2. Big Question – A picture of something. What do you think it is? 🙂
  3. Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge – The first Weekly Photo Challenge I participated in.
  4. Portraits – Three portraits of three beautiful people.
  5. Things you can do with a guitar – Five people, one guitar…An impressed David. (That’s me)
  6. Try This – The combination of a song I love and a picture I took. Together they had a strange effect on me.
  7. Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted – The second Weekly Photo Challenge I participated in
  8. A Friday Night in Amsterdam – In the middle of the night I went out with a friend to take pictures. A selection of results.
  9. The Beauty of the Crow – A collage I made of multiple shots of a crow flying by.
  10. Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast – My third photo challenge. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Photography and Music

  1. Since I see the ‘like’ button for FB, I am guessing it’s okay….or maybe not?…to share your photos on FB? Let me know before I do anything, okay?

    • Hey Marilya,
      No it would be great if you shared my pictures on Facebook. You would only link to them. As long as I don’t upload it to it, no copyright is given to them. Thanks for the intention 🙂

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