Life after Facebook

This is what started this blog. I wanted a space to express myself online, to share things, to find out about interesting stuff. But I didn’t want to be on Facebook anymore.

Part of my blog posts are covering my experiences with leaving Facebook. How does it feel? How does my social life continue afterwards. Does leaving Facebook make you a couch potatoe without friends? (Hint, the answer is ‘no’)

To make it easier on you to find these posts in the depths of my blog, I linked them below. I also am extending the project, trying to make myself independent from Google. I will include these posts here as well. Have a look. Let me know what you think. I’m looking forward to read your comments!

  1. Operation ‘So Long Facebook’ – The reasoning behind leaving Facebook and the first steps I took
  2. Operation ‘So Long Facebook’ pt.2 – A real-time post. How was it to actually delete my profile?
  3. Google is watching you…How not to be seen – Alternatives for Google and why you should use them

5 thoughts on “Life after Facebook

  1. You have done the step I was thinking about since a longer time. Congratulation! You have done it, and your blog looks great! I might follow you soon, can you recommend your provider “” ?

    so long

    • I can. It’s an open source project, just like open street map or firefox. It works perfectly well and has a very nice community (from what I’ve seen so far). But be prepared to loose a lot of contacts. Quitting Facebook DOES have disadvantages and I’m starting to feel them. I’m still completely convinced that it was the right decision though. Will write down my thoughts on this when I feel the impulse to. Will probably happen soon.

      • Sounds great! Actually I’m not planing to get rid of Facebook. Its toooo useful. But I might get a bit more independent.

  2. Great decision. I’d do it myself, were it not for this:
    I’m from Sweden, since 2004 I live in Canada. Someone came up with the brilliant idea to start a group on FB for my little hometown, where they share all kinds of memories from old times. This is too much fun to leave šŸ˜‰

    I don’t spend all that much time there, and I do have my WP blog..

    • Hi Rebekah, thanks for your comment!
      The decision to leave Facebook is a very personal one. I absolutely don’t mean to convince anybody else of doing so. All I want to provide is sort of a case study about how it feels. What I notice is that it does have a lot of disadvanteges. But to me they still weight less than all the advantages that came along. Luckily šŸ™‚

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